Middle School WEBChallenge

A Web Design Competition in Collaboration with HowStuffWorks

We’re excited to announce our 2017 Middle School WEBChallenge theme, EnviroTech: Solutions for Tomorrow’s Environmental Challenges!

Students: get ready to code, build, and design your own website! In collaboration with the Atlanta Science Festival and HowStuffWorks, TAG-Ed challenges teams of middle school students (sponsored by a faculty adviser) to tackle an environmental challenge affecting our planet today.

What are the environmental challenges we should be most concerned with? What new exciting emerging technology will help combat these issues and catapult our society forward in the next 30-50 years? How can we prevent negative environmental changes from continuing? These are the questions that students will answer though this exciting hands-on design competition.

These websites will be assessed on several aspects of site design by local developers and professionals. In addition to recognizing student teams, the Middle School WEBChallenge honors and rewards the educators who serve as team sponsors and/or mentors.

ARE YOU READY TO DESIGN? All applications must be completed by February 27, 2017.

To register for the 2017 WEBChallenge, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Middle School WEBChallenge?

To sign up for the 2017 EnviroTech WEBChallenge, follow this link. 

Who can participate?

Participation in the Middle School WEBChallenge is open for all Georgia middle school students in grades 6-8.

How large can teams be?

Teams can have as many as 2-4 students.

How many mentors can a team have?

Each team is required to have one school-approved adult advisor or school faculty member.

How are websites judged?

Industry professionals from business, technology, and education serve as volunteer judges, objectively evaluating each submission in a wide array of categories, including layout, graphics, usability, content, and community impact. Twenty finalist websites are then evaluated by a group of judges from HowStuffWorks.com, who then narrow the pool to four team finalists. For more detailed information about judging, please refer to the WEBChallenge Program Guide.


Who were the 2016 WEBChallenge winners?
  1. Quantum Energy Group
    Jefferson Middle School
  1. Supersonics
    Lighthouse Tutoring & Enrichment
  1. Pierce Team 1
    Pierce County Middle School
  1. Team Li
    Crabapple Middle School
  1. Lanier Team 5
    Lanier Middle School
  1. Cosmic Storm
    Southeast Bulloch Middle School
  1. Lanier Team 2
    Lanier Middle School
  1. Lanier Team 11
    Lanier Middle School
  2. Lanier Team 1
    Lanier Middle School
  1. SpaceLads
    Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School
  1. Eco Space
    Griffin Middle School
  1. Anti-Matter
    Piney Grove Middle School
  1. Couch Team 1
    Couch Middle School
  1. Rapid Rockets
    Ridgeview Charter Middle School
  1. Energy Scouters
    Fulton Science Academy
  1. Beyond Apollo
  1. Radioactive Waste
    Piney Grove Middle School
  1. Couch Team 3
    Couch Middle School
  1. Amana
    Amana Academy
  1. Lanier Team 28
    Lanier Middle School

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Contact Katie Dion (TAG-Ed).

Need more info? Download the Middle School WEBChallenge flyer (PDF).

Fast Facts

The Middle School WEBChallenge started in 2013 in collaboration with Atlanta Science Festival and How Stuff Works. See how we’ve grown:

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Teams recognized as finalists or honorable mentions at the 2016 Atlanta Science Festival.
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