Georgia STEM Day

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Georgia STEM Day will take place on May 8th, 2015.

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What is Georgia STEM Day?

Georgia STEM Day is a day for schools, students, teachers, and companies to raise awareness, celebrate and engage in activities

involving science, technology, engineering and math!

TAG-Ed is partnering with Georgia education institutions, associations, and STEM-based companies to promote STEM Day participation across the state.

Why celebrate STEM?

STEM is Georgia’s future! Innovative and quality education in STEM is vital for providing professional opportunities for students as well as strengthening Georgia’s future workforce and economy. Inventive and engaging STEM learning starts with each teacher in each classroom across the state.

How do I get Involved in STEM DAY?

Getting involved with STEM Day is simple:

Teachers: Incorporate fun and innovative STEM activities into your classroom on May 8, 2015. Encourage your school and fellow teachers to do the same!
Principals: Engage your entire school in celebrating STEM Day. Encourage each teacher in every subject to celebrate STEM in a creative way
Students: Get excited about STEM and join in your classroom STEM Day activities! Find out more ways you can get involved in STEM learning outside of school.
Companies: Volunteer to speak at a local school about your exciting STEM career, or host a field trip for students at your business for local students
Organizations: Partner with TAG-Ed in promoting STEM Day and help provide resources for Georgia schools!
Colleges and Universities: Partner with TAG-Ed in promoting STEM Day and help provide resources for Georgia schools!

How did you celebrate STEM Day?

If you, your school, company or organization celebrate STEM day, be sure to submit your celebration activities to TAG-Ed for a chance to be recognized at the annual TAG STEM Education awards! The STEM Education Awards honors Georgia companies, schools, programs, and public/private partnerships for outstanding efforts and achievements in supporting and promoting STEM education.

Check out our repository of STEM-related activities!

The winner of the 2015 Best STEM Day Activity award will be revealed in September, 2015 at the STEM Education Awards in Savannah, GA. Learn more.




Thank you for celebrating the second annual Georgia STEM Day in 2014!

Over 620,000 participants!